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Having an Internet strategy that adds value to your business will ensure your investment in the Internet is a good one. Consider the following questions in determining the purpose and budget for your website.

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We recommend you take a few minutes to answer these brief questions. This will help us give you the very best advice and respond to your inquiry accurately.

1. For what purpose is your organization intending to develop a website?
To increase sales.
To offer product support.
To increase your potential market.
To create a new distribution channel.
To offer an alternate way of ordering product/service.
To provide potential customers with information about product/service.
To create an e-commerce business website.
To offer an added value service to potential customers.
To generate traffic to the website/company.

Determining the purpose of your website will help you to make a realistic and justifiable budget. For example if you are intending to sell your products on-line you must consider the costs of developing and marketing an e-commerce site. If you are hoping to provide information for potential customers or add value to your product/service, your budget should reflect these costs.

1. How will current and potential clients find your website?

2. Have you considered the costs of marketing your website online and in the real world?

3. How often will the content on your site be updated? (important)

4. What are your long and short-term goals as a company? goals for the website?

Internet Strategy

5. Describe the Product(s) and/or the Service(s) you offer?

6. What are the most frequently asked questions about your product/service?

Developing Customer Loyalty

7. What can you offer your clients that will keep them coming back to your website?

Differentiating Your Organization

8. What is your Niche? Do you want to grow from that into different areas?

9. What is the most significant factor that differentiates your product from your competition? What would you like it to be?

Look and Feel of your Website

10. Who are your current customers? Who will be viewing your website? Who do you want to be viewing your website?

11. Is there an image you want to communicate to your customer?

Altering an existing website

12. What do you like about it?

13. What don't you like about it?

14. Have you thought about how you'd like to change it?

15. Have you thought about: online marketing, database functions, flash, VR tours, audio & video streaming, e-commerce, web hosting…

16. Please provide 1-3 example(s) of websites that you like, and what you like about them:


17. Anything else we should know? Any comments or questions?

Thank you - We respect your privacy.




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